From the ancient times the field of Ararat was known for its vegetables and fruites with unic tastes. Their glory and fame is known not only in Armenia, but also abroad.

In order to get high quality hardest it is necessary to use the latest agricultural technologies and modern protection of plants.

"Artagro" LLC has a long year experience (since 1991) in the field of plant protection (import of agrochemicals, wholesale and retail trade).

Besides, we are specialized in wholesale and retail trade of fertilizers, disinfectant, seeds, drip irrigation systems.

The website will give you opportunity to get acquainted with our company activities, products, services and other useful information.


  • Agrochemicals – herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, import of disinfectants, wholesale and retail trade;

  • Mineral and organic fertilizers, plant growth stimulators, wholesale and retail trade;

  • Import of seeds of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and lawns, wholesale and retail trade;

  • Collection of fruits and vegetables in the colleting center (refrigeration facilities)

  • Consultancy in agriculture, seminars, publication of guides and booklets

  • Retail trade of construction materials and household goods