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From ancient times Ararat valley was famous for its incredible and tasteul fruit and vegetable. The glory of them was spread all over the world. Nowdays the key to good harvest is the application of advanced agro-technology, newest technologies and modern plant protection products.

“ARTAGRO” limited liability company has long-term experience (since 1993) in plant protection sphere, importing exclusively high-quality pesticides from leading world manufacturers and successfully selling these products on the Armenian market. At the same time, our company constantly organizes seminars, trainings and discussions on plant protection, assisting both experienced and beginner farmers through agricultural counseling.

Together with the above, our company specializes in the import, wholesale and retail trade of fertilizers, growth stimulants, disinfectants, greenhouse membranes, seeds, drip irrigation systems, agricultural tools and mechanical appliances. “ARTAGRO” company is one of the leaders in the agricultural sector of the Republic of Armenia, both in volume of sales and quality of services.

This site will allow you to get acquainted with “ARTAGRO” company’s activity and contact us if necessary.


It is also worth noting that the products offered on this website as well as in our sales outlets can be purchased within the framework of a preferential agricultural loan starting from 0% per annum.